Our herbal store offers high quality Kratom CBD and natural herbs in Oklahoma City, Norman, Del City, Warr Acres.

  Lotus Botanicals of Oklahoma City was started by me, proud shop-owner and herb expert–Tonya Grenier. We are a family-run, alternative remedy business and our customers are more than just a number. We carry exclusive, high quality, organic products for our savvy customer base, aiming to support whole-body health that is often neglected by the Western medical establishment. Lotus Botanicals offers organic beauty products, including hair care, cosmetics, and hemp-based lotions. We also offer CBD oil, Kratom tea, and countless herbal supplements for your vibrant lifestyle. We sell these products directly at our shop and also ship around the country if you call and place an order.
A Truly Customized Experience
As a shop owner for herbal life enhancement products, I am truly passionate in helping each customer determine which of our options would most help their specific panel of health complaints. Whether you are a seasoned natural herb user looking for something new to round out your daily regimen, or a total newbie interested in seeing what organic products can do for your health, I will be very happy to introduce you to our range of products. I hope my personal recommendations will help you optimize your health and banish pain, insomnia, and other discomforts from your life without the use of harsh medicines.
Our Range of Options:
Lotus Botanicals sells:
  • Natural herbs

    including Ashwagandha, Lotus Root, Cat’s Claw, Kava, Turmeric and many more. We have natural herbs for liver purification, general detox, stress-relief, digestion, metabolism, and many more for you general wellbeing. We offer an extensive lineup of therapeutic essential oils from Young Living.
  • Kratom

    for non-narcotic pain relief, metabolism support, mood stabilization. Our kratom is pure and properly sourced for best results. We carry tea and capsules in Red, Green, Yellow, Gold and White kratom varieties, depending on the potency you require. If you call ahead of time with your order, we will personally put kratom powder into capsules for you at your request.
  • CBD oils

    Perfect for non-dependency forming pain management, persistent insomnia, and anxiety suppression. No drowsiness or psychoactive side effects, ever
  • Organic beauty products

    for your skin and hair. We sell quality organic creams, hair care, facial cleansers and hemp-formulated products. You never have to worry about harmful additives and cheap ingredients seeping into your skin and affecting overall health.
The kratom merchandise I choose to present in my shop has innumerable benefits. Among them are immune system strengthening, skin improvement, mood stabilization, appetite regulation, as well as stress and pain relief. This substance has been in use throughout history. Lotus Botanicals enjoys retail charter status from the American Kratom Association. This is an organization promoting and supporting the right of all Americans to gain the anti-pain benefits of kratom.
Hours of Operation:
Lotus Botanicals is truly committed to be available for you as a reliable alternative remedy health depot. We operate seven day per week. Here is our time schedule: Mon-Sat: 11AM-8PM Sun: 12PM-7PM As a shop-owner, I am eager to answer all your product related questions and help you to choose what in our inventory would maximally help your health goals. All of our products were carefully chosen to be placed on the shelves. We selected only the brands that are known for ethical practices, for adhering to organic/purity protocols, and for providing only the best products on the market. Lotus Botanicals would never sell you a product we are not exceptionally proud to represent. To learn more about kratom tea, natural herbs, CBD oils, or organic beauty products, please feel free to drop by Lotus Botanicals in Oklahoma City or reach me at 405-605-7844 to chat with me today!
The information on this site, as well as our personal product recommendations to you, are not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. You can find more in blogs. call 405-605-7844
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