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What is Kratom?

  • A herb sourced from Africa and Southeast Asia.
  • Comes as capsules or can be made into tea.
  • Alleviates pain and boosts energy!
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What is CBD?

  • One of dozens of compounds found in Cannabis.
  • Made into oil to alleviate aches and pains!
  • Stands for Cannabidiol.
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Why Organic Products?

  • Natural essential oils and plant-based substances.
  • Enjoy powerful health compounds without chemicals.
  • Plants are grown in healthy soil.
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Lotus Botanicals in Oklahoma City

Lotus Botanicals is a one-stop shop for CBD, Kratom, natural herbs, organic beauty products and various herbal supplements in Oklahoma City and Norman, Oklahoma. We happily offer exceptional service and personal recommendations to every customer that walks onto our premises or phones in with questions.Our mission is to connect anyone who has a health concern they cannot treat with the conventional Western approach with an alternative herbal product that corresponds to their condition.We seek to provide powerful therapeutic merchandise. Therefore, we only choose to sell organic product lines. Because of better farming and distillation practices, organic products are far superior in quality to their conventionally grown counterparts.For that reason, we only offer Kratom and CBD products that are 100% organic and reliably sourced. When using our herbs internally or externally for health, you can guarantee that you are getting the purest form of natural plants your money can buy.
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We Support Organic Farming

Organic farming avoids the use of harsh insecticides and pesticides, which can often end up in the oil or plant powder collected from the herb. These substances can cause allergic reactions in some people and adversely affect the environment.In addition, each plant species produces and releases special substances that serve as protection from natural predators in the wild.Some scientists say that those very substances may be essential to the healing and beneficial properties found in Kratom, CBD, and other similar plants. Thus, when the plant is dependent on synthetic pesticides for protection, it becomes a weaker plant with diminished properties.Organic natural herbs, on the other hand, are grown in soil that has not been taxed by conventional farming, providing a more nourishing environment for the herb to flourish to its full potential, which eventually yields an oil or powder with more powerful health benefits.Those organic plants and products are the ones you can expect every time when shopping at Lotus Botanicals.
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Organic Distillation for Best Quality Oil

After a plant is grown and harvested, it must be pressed into an oil or tincture. Most non-organic extraction and distillation processes involve harsh solvents to force out the essential oil. While this method of extraction is quick and efficient, it comes with a price.First, the residue of the commercial solvent chemicals ends up in the product, once again jeopardizing consumer health. No large-scale studies have been done on this subject, but a large body of anecdotal evidence points to the harmfulness of these chemicals when ingested internally or applied topically.
Additionally, these kinds of distillation and extraction methods do not preserve the full potency of the plant’s health boosting properties, since these sought-after compounds are so volatile. Temperatures that are too high can destroy them, producing merchandise that may smell nice but that has had its healing capacities completely eradicated.Organic products, like the ones offered at Lotus Botanicals, are safe and potent. Our customers are often surprised by how much brighter the organic plant powder appears than that of other products on the market and how much more aromatic the essential oils are.Organic natural herbs produce much more dramatic health boosting effects. At Lotus Botanicals, we want to see you thrive with the use of our quality herbal products – your vibrant health is worth the investment.All our CBD oils are natural and come from reliable sources. The strains of Kratom we receive weekly are fresh, pure and potent.Customers rave about how much more vibrant the appearance and smell of our products are compared to the competition. If the visual effect is so striking, nothing needs to be said about the actual healing properties, which are certainly more dramatic and pronounced in well-grown and expertly processed herbal products.If you are ready to purchase the highest quality Kratom and CBD herbal supplements, beauty products, and natural pain relief aids on the market, call 405-605-7844. We will advise you on the products you are sure to enjoy from our generously stocked inventory.

If calling from out of state, Lotus Botanicals will ship to your location. You can also come by the shop and select from our offerings in person.