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What is Kratom?

  • A herb sourced from Africa and Southeast Asia.
  • Comes as capsules or can be made into tea.
  • Alleviates pain and boosts energy!
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What is CBD?

  • One of dozens of compounds found in Cannabis.
  • Made into oil to alleviate aches and pains!
  • Stands for Cannabidiol.
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Why Organic Products?

  • Natural essential oils and plant-based substances.
  • Enjoy powerful health compounds without chemicals.
  • Plants are grown in healthy soil.
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Lotus Botanicals in Oklahoma City

  Lotus Botanicals is a one-stop shop for CBD, Kratom, natural herbs, organic beauty products and various herbal supplements in Oklahoma City and Norman, Oklahoma. We happily offer exceptional service and personal recommendations to every customer that walks onto our premises or phones in with questions. Our mission is to connect anyone who has a health concern they cannot treat with the conventional Western approach with an alternative herbal product that corresponds to their condition. We seek to provide powerful therapeutic merchandise. Therefore, we only choose to sell organic product lines. Because of better farming and distillation practices, organic products are far superior in quality to their conventionally grown counterparts. For that reason, we only offer Kratom and CBD products that are 100% organic and reliably sourced. When using our herbs internally or externally for health, you can guarantee that you are getting the purest form of natural plants your money can buy.

The Differences Between CBD and Kratom – Amazing Healing Herbs

  CBD and kratom are two herbs that are getting a lot of press lately. This guide will serve to break down the differences, benefits, and any possible downsides of each so that you can be informed and educated about these two amazing substances that help millions of people improve their quality of life every day. call 405-605-7844
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What is CBD?

CBD, which is short for Cannabidiol is a naturally-growing herb derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Cannabis sativa has two species, hemp and marijuana. While many CBD products only include hemp, others use a mix of CBD and THC (the psychoactive compound in marijuana) for added effect. CBD by itself is not psychoactive and thus cannot get you high. However, taking the compound in various forms has been shown to help people with a wide range of important benefits.

CBD Types

CBD is an interesting compound in that it can be taken orally or used topically. It can even be eaten. Here are the methods that are most popular with the users.

Beauty Products

These CBD products include moisturizers, cleansers, toners, bath balms, lip balms, shampoos, conditioners, beard oils, masks and serums.

Oil-Based Capsules

These oil-filled capsules can be comprised from CBD extract or isolate for an easier way to dose and long-lasting effects.


These high-potency extracts are derived from the hemp plant and contain a significant level of cannabidiol. This form of ingestion is borrowed from marijuana culture and is referred to as dabbing. The extracts are heated and the resulting vapor inhaled for effects that last up to three hours.


CBD is a natural oil and thus does not mix with water. However, thanks to recent advances in cannabis extraction, CBD water-soluble products are now available, including bottled water, energy shots, and powdered drink mixes.


Edibles are ideal products for those who want an enjoyable twist to taking CBD. Candies and baked goods are readily available, including chocolate, gummies, suckers, cookies, and brownies.

Pet Products

Edibles are ideal products for those who want an enjoyable twist to taking CBD. Candies and baked goods are readily available, including chocolate, gummies, suckers, cookies, and brownies.

Pet Products

Canines can enjoy CBD too. There are sprays, cookies, treats, capsules, and tinctures that can give lifelong benefits to our four-legged friends.


This method of taking CBD may not be glamorous, but the method does have perks. Using a bullet-shaped pill that is inserted into your backside, you can experience fast absorption and life-boosting effects that can last for up to eight hours.

Oil-Based Tinctures

Commonly referred to as CBD oil, this type is consumed sublingually. By dropping it under the tongue, the oil is absorbed directly into your bloodstream for effects that can last up to six hours.


Since humans have endocannabinoid receptors all over our bodies, including our skin, topical CBD products are becoming increasingly popular. Rub the lotions or ointments on your skin or lips and you get a range of benefits without having to ingest or inhale.

Transdermal Patches

These CBD products act similar to topical solutions. Stick the patch on and it will enter your bloodstream intravenously for slow-release and long-lasting benefits. Vape Products: Vaping is popular with tobacco, but many users are hopping on the vape train. Disposable vape pens and vape cartridges, along with vape oil (eLiquid), are often used and some have added flavors to make taking the CBD extra enjoyable.  

CBD Effects, Benefits & Uses

Millions of people around the world use CBD for a host of life-improving effects. Studies have shown that regular use of CBD can alleviate some forms of epilepsy. The compounds are incredibly useful for alleviating anxiety and are often opted for instead of pharmaceuticals by anxiety sufferers. It is preferred because it offers less side effects than many pharmaceutical drugs. It is also used for pain, dystonia (a muscle condition), Parkinson disease, diabetes, and Crohn disease. Though more studies need to be conducted, experts now believe that CBD acts as an antipsychotic and can reduce symptoms in some sufferers of schizophrenia.

CBD Dosage

The amount of CBD you should take depends on your body weight, the condition you wish to treat, your body chemistry, and the method of use. You should always talk to your doctor before taking it if you are taking any prescribed medications. Many individuals start out at a small dose, such as 20 to 40 milligrams a day. After a week, it is recommended to increase the amount by 5 grams. Continue this protocol until you begin feeling the effects. It is recommended that you track your CBD use so that you know how much you are taking and how much you need to treat your symptoms.

CBD Products

At Lotus Botanicals in Oklahoma City and Norman, we offer a range of CBD products for your well-being and depending on your preference. With the safe and effective compounds helping so many live a better quality of life, we invite you to try our tinctures, beverages, edibles, and other products, where you can find relief from pain, anxiety, and other important benefits for less. call 405-605-7844

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a powder derived from a tree that grows in Southeast Asia. People have been using the compounds found in kratom for thousands of years as a medicine.

Kratom Types

There are three kinds of strains colored red, white, and green. The Red Vein Kratom has red veins and stems and is one of the best-selling. Of the Red Vein Kratom variety, there are several subtypes, including Red Thai, Red Vein Maeng Da, Red Bali, and Red Indo. Each of these strain subtypes offers a different effect and is taken at varying dosages. Red Vein is known for its calming effects.

White Kratom

White Kratom has white veins and is known for its mood-boosting and energizing effects. There are three main subtypes of this strain, including White Vein Thai, White Vein Indo, and White Vein Kali.
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Green Kratom

Green Kratom is also known as an energy booster, but it can also enhance focus and alertness. The green strain is known for being fast-acting with many users reporting an energy rush 15 to 20 minutes after ingestion. No matter which strain or sub-strain is selected, people use kratom in different ways. Some prefer to ingest the compounds as a pill, capsule, or extract, while others like to drop the powdered leaves into a warm tea. The leaves can also be ground up and smoked similar to marijuana or eaten as edibles similar to CBD to THC edibles.

Kratom Effects, Benefits & Uses

Kratom causes effects that resemble taking opioid and stimulant pharmaceuticals. There are two compounds in kratom leaves called mitragynine and 7-a-hydroxymitragynine that interact with opioid receptors in your brain. These receptors are responsible for producing feelings of sedation, pleasure, and decreased pain. When kratom is taken in small amounts, users report greater sociability, increased energy, and alertness. Since kratom produces effects similar to opioids, the side effects can also be similar, such as nausea, sweating, dry mouth, constipation, seizures, and hallucinations. It also has the potential for causing dependence and can produce withdrawal symptoms when kratom usage has stopped, such as muscle aches, insomnia, aggression, and emotional changes. Many people prefer using kratom over taking pharmaceutical drugs because the risk of side effects is lower than for many prescribed medicines. Furthermore, due to its calming and pain-relieving effects, many enjoy taking kratom to treat withdrawal symptoms that arise from other addictive substances, such as alcohol.

Kratom Dosages

Kratom can provide powerful effects, even at low dosages, and everyone has a different tolerance level. Kratom may affect you at low levels whereas someone may need much more to receive the same benefit. Experts recommend that you begin with 2 to 3 grams of kratom. Give the compounds 20 to 25 minutes to show effects and take note of how you feel. If you don’t feel any effect, increase the dose by 0.5 to 1 gram and take time to monitor how you feel before increasing more.

Kratom Products

For a boost of energy and a host of other important benefits, Lotus Botanicals now brings you a range of kratom products. Whether you prefer capsules, raw powder, or kratom extracts, we assure you will enjoy taking this Asian herb that many people use daily to fight pain, anxiety, and to fight addiction. Try kratom today by visiting our store in Oklahoma City or Norman and see why people have been enjoying these healing compounds for eons.
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We Support Organic Farming

  Organic farming avoids the use of harsh insecticides and pesticides, which can often end up in the oil or plant powder collected from the herb. These substances can cause allergic reactions in some people and adversely affect the environment. In addition, each plant species produces and releases special substances that serve as protection from natural predators in the wild. Some scientists say that those very substances may be essential to the healing and beneficial properties found in Kratom, CBD, and other similar plants. Thus, when the plant is dependent on synthetic pesticides for protection, it becomes a weaker plant with diminished properties. Organic natural herbs, on the other hand, are grown in soil that has not been taxed by conventional farming, providing a more nourishing environment for the herb to flourish to its full potential, which eventually yields an oil or powder with more powerful health benefits. Those organic plants and products are the ones you can expect every time when shopping at Lotus Botanicals.</p call 405-605-7844
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Organic Distillation for Best Quality Oil

  After a plant is grown and harvested, it must be pressed into an oil or tincture. Most non-organic extraction and distillation processes involve harsh solvents to force out the essential oil. While this method of extraction is quick and efficient, it comes with a price. First, the residue of the commercial solvent chemicals ends up in the product, once again jeopardizing consumer health. No large-scale studies have been done on this subject, but a large body of anecdotal evidence points to the harmfulness of these chemicals when ingested internally or applied topically.
Additionally, these kinds of distillation and extraction methods do not preserve the full potency of the plant’s health boosting properties, since these sought-after compounds are so volatile. Temperatures that are too high can destroy them, producing merchandise that may smell nice but that has had its healing capacities completely eradicated. Organic products, like the ones offered at Lotus Botanicals, are safe and potent. Our customers are often surprised by how much brighter the organic plant powder appears than that of other products on the market and how much more aromatic the essential oils are. Organic natural herbs produce much more dramatic health boosting effects. At Lotus Botanicals, we want to see you thrive with the use of our quality herbal products – your vibrant health is worth the investment. All our CBD oils are natural and come from reliable sources. The strains of Kratom we receive weekly are fresh, pure and potent. Customers rave about how much more vibrant the appearance and smell of our products are compared to the competition. If the visual effect is so striking, nothing needs to be said about the actual healing properties, which are certainly more dramatic and pronounced in well-grown and expertly processed herbal products. If you are ready to purchase the highest quality Kratom and CBD herbal supplements, beauty products and pain relief products on the market, call 405-605-7844. We will advise you on the products you are sure to enjoy from our generously stocked inventory.

If calling from out of state, Lotus Botanicals will ship to your location. You can also come by the shop and select from our offerings in person.

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